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The best motorcycles of 2020

The best motorcycles of 2020 were selected by RideApart website. Although many manufacturers faced difficult conditions in 2020 due to the outbreak of the Corona, but in such circumstances, motorcycle manufacturers were able to launch new products, which will be introduced in the following with the best motorcycles.
1. Triumph Trident 660
بهترین موتورسیکلت های سال ۲۰۲۰

Triumph Trident 660 is considered as one of the newest motorcycles of 2020, which was able to be at the top of the list of the best motorcycles of 2020 among 30 motorcycles with 18% of the total votes. This motorcycle uses the iconic Triumph 3-cylinder engine, which has been able to attract a lot of attention with its competitive price. The motorcycle’s inline three-cylinder engine can produce 80 horsepower and 63 Nm of torque. There is also a powerful package of modern technologies for this motorcycle.

2. BMW R 18
بهترین موتورسیکلت های سال ۲۰۲۰

BMW introduced the all-new R 18 at the beginning of 2020; The motorcycle uses the largest flatbed engine of BMW and the designers have made this motorcycle more special by creating a classic style. Retro lines, impressive exhaust pipes and large cylinders also play an important role in increasing the attractiveness of this motorcycle.

3. Ducati Multistrada V4


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